See the home we inspect in a different way

Here’s a new feature we can offer clients. Sometimes clients are not able to attend the inspection, or they have members of their family in other parts or even outside of Canada. We now provide the ability to photograph each room in a panoramic 360 VR image and then stitch them to allow you to see them in a VR viewer. we can even stitch them all together for you and produce a video.
Here’s an example. This is the original view of the image we take.

Then we stitch it so it’s easier to produce into a VR photo.

Stitched VR file

Then we upload the file into a VR capable location so you can see it. Here’s the VR of the same image.

[vrview img=”” width=”100%”]

If you are on a PC on non-VR device drag the image to rotate.
If you are viewing on a smartphone rotate the phone to where you want to look.
Click the little square box in the lower right for full screen.

We can take multiple images and join them into a video, which we can upload for you to take a virtual tour of the property.

Ask for this service when you call for your inspection.

We offer this service to Realtors as well who want to show their clients properties in the best way possible. If you are listing, ask your Realtor if they use our services.